Advanced Concepts for Total Quality Management
Advanced Management: Motivation, Strategic Planning and Creative Problem Solving
Advanced Real Estate Portfolio and Property Management
Advanced Skills of Total Quality Management (TQM)
Advanced Skills: Customer Service and Revenue Generation
Advanced Techniques: Purchase Management, Negotiation and Evaluation of Suppliers
Advanced Techniques: Strategic Thinking and Business Planning
Analytical Tools and Techniques
Building High Performance and Creative Teams
Change Management
Change Management and Organisational Development
Competitor Analysis Techniques
Concepts of Total Quality Management in Developing the Training System
Contract Management and Formulation
Crisis Management and Effective Decision Making
Developing the Skills of Contemporary Teachers
Developing the Skills of Leadership and Supervision For Security Leaders
Effective Hotel Management
Effective Store Management and Stock Control
EFQM Excellence Model
Enhancement of Administrative and Supervisory Skills
Enhancement of Leadership and Supervision Skills
Finance for Strategic HR Management
Fleet Planning and Management
Integrated Approach: Quality Management Systems
IT Project Management
Managing Tenders, Specifications & Contracts
Modern Techniques in Office and Document Management
Modern Techniques of Quality and Productivity Management
Motivational Leadership: Developing Inspiration and Success
Negotiation Skills: Achieving Successful Outcomes
Office Management and Executive Secretariat for CEO’s and Management
Office Manager Protocol for Planning VIP Visits
Preparing a Sales Forecast
Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection Process
Report and Letter Preparation and Writing
Retail Math Made Simple
Risk and Crisis Management
Skills of Executive Leadership, Strategic Planning and Goal Achievement
Skills of Improving Working Methods
Successful Sales Performance and Account Management
Talent Management
Team Work Leadership and Building Quality Chains
Techniques of Developing and Simplifying Work Procedures
The Art of Human Resource Management
The Competent Supervisor
The Essentials of Budgeting
The International Buyer Mini MBA
The International Manager
The Principles of Operation Management
Time Management and Communication Skills
Time Management, Prioritising and Goal Achievement

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