Project Description

  • High pick rate
  • Short changeovers
  • High flexibility
  • High efficiency
  • Robust proven design

Delfi Feedplacer is able to pick and place products into flow wrappers, cartoners or thermoformers with vision-guided high speed Delta Robots. Designed for 3 shift operation, it can be used for a wide variety of applications handling chocolates, biscuits, or bakery products. Up to 700 products can be loaded with up to 4 Delta robots per cell. Generally, the outfeed flow of the cell is centred and at 90 degrees to the infeed flow.

Changeovers can be conducted in less than 5 minutes, including tool free gripper exchange. Vision control is used for load/line balancing and ensures that only good quality products are packed.

Our Gemini software allows users to create simulations of new recipes on a virtual machine. 3D visualizations provide a precise view of the robot operation and offer better diagnostic capability. Vacuum cup or light-touch mechanical end-effectors ensure gentle product handling even at high speed.

Bosch Packaging Technology has installed more than 3,000 robots in numerous industries and markets.


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