Project Description

  • Modern filling technology for liquid up to high-viscous products with different product characteristics, with maximum filling accuracy and output
  • Central, infinitely variable volume adjustment
  • Reproducible procedure for CIP, CIP+ and SIP cleaning
  • Modern filling technology for high demands
  • Low production costs
  • High flexibility

Bosch offers highly-developed, innovative and tailor-made rotary piston filling machines for sophisticated packaging in the cosmetics, chemo-technical and the foodstuffs industries. The FRK series: FRK 5001 – 6001 – 7001.

Modern filling technology for high demands:

  • Use of diaphragm valves for inline cleaning systems
  • Flexibility related to product, container formats and output rate
  • Product-orientated, economic pump designs for all ranges

Low production costs:

  • Reproducible size changeover within 15 minutes
  • Filling accuracy < +/- 0,3% % (related to the pump volume)
  • Toolless changeover

High flexibility:

  • Output range from 100 – 400 bottles/min
  • Programmable filling and cleaning processes
  • Operator prompting by touch PC for operation, product change, size changeover, including display of all operating modes
  • Filling range from 20 ml – 1,000 ml

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